Conor McGregor on Meeting with White and Fertitta: ‘Let’s Fix It and Continue’

Conor McGregor and Dana WhiteConor McGregor and his UFC bosses, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, had a meeting of the minds this week in Los Angeles. According to McGregor things went well, leaving the trio “in a good place,” after all of the public banter following McGregor’s disagreement over promotional obligations for UFC 200.

McGregor’s refusal to meet the UFC’s demands for promotion of his fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 200 resulted in McGregor being pulled from the fight card altogether.

After implying that there may have been too much emotion involved in the situation, McGregor sitting down with White and Fertitta seemed to put things back on an even keel.

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“Good conversation like it always is. We have a good relationship. It is what it is. It happens. This is the fight game,” McGregor said in the preview of an interview with ESPN. “Sometimes emotions get into it, but it’s important to recognize that emotions have no place in business.

“So, that’s essentially what it was last night (meeting with White and Fertitta), we just set it aside. There’s no place for emotions in this. We are doing beautiful things. So let’s continue. Let’s fix it and let’s continue.”

The full McGregor’s interview will air Sunday morning on SportsCenter on ESPN. You can watch a clip from the interview below.

(Video courtesy of ESPN | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

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