Conor McGregor not ready to leave MMA behind

Though we still don’t know when Conor McGregor is going to step into the Octagon again, it appears that he’s not ready to just bag fighting altogether and walk away. In fact, he responded to a fan on Twitter this week, saying he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to walk away.

McGregor’s pace of fights has certainly slowed drastically since he took the UFC by storm in 2013, but he keeps returning to the cage. 

The Irish superstar has proclaimed retirement on a couple different occasions over the years, but has never committed to walking away. Even after he scored a blockbuster payday to box Floyd Mayweather Jr. in August 2017, it wasn’t enough for him to put the gloves down. And that fight netted him in the neighborhood of $100 million.

McGregor has also launched his own Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey, which has been credited in helping to propel Irish Whiskey sales in the United States beyond the $1 billion mark for the first time in history. 

It would be an easy thing for McGregor to decide he had enough of getting punched in the face and simply put all his time into his business endeavors. And that’s just what one fan basically said on Twitter. But McGregor appears to have a love of the game – and perhaps the limelight – that won’t allow him to cut fighting loose.

“I hear you, but I love it dearly,” McGregor wrote. “If I am being honest with myself, I don’t think I will ever be able to fully walk away from fighting. 

“We are all fighters in this world and each of us will be fighting for the rest of our time here. So why not do it live on PPV baby. Pop a bottle!”

Would Conor McGregor ever leave the UFC to fight for himself?

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that McGregor would remain committed to the UFC for fighting. He’s already proven that he is such a sports powerhouse that he could basically will an unfathomable bout with Mayweather into existence. 

When McGregor first began teasing a fight with Mayweather, almost no one believed it could happen. How would McGregor, who had never boxed professionally in his life, land a debut bout with one of the best boxers of all time? 

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McGregor, however, knows how to pull the white-hot spotlight to him every time, and that is probably something that is just as alluring to him as fighting. 

McGregor already has his own sports and entertainment promotional company, which was a partner in the Mayweather fight, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if he pursues that business amongst his other endeavors. And who better to pull eyeballs to a newer promotion than McGregor himself?

It’s difficult to discern from one day to the next which direction McGregor might be headed, but for now, at least, it appears he’s not stepping away from mixed martial arts.