Conor McGregor Meets His Match: A Wooden Beam … Then Conquers the Thing Hours Later

February 24, 2015


Imagine you’re Conor McGregor and you’re on top of the world: you’ve got a title fight coming up, the UFC machine is making you their golden boy, and you’re arguably the most popular MMA fighter out there because of things like record web-traffic days. Then you try to jump on a wooden beam and show the world you really can’t jump very high, like, at all.


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This is now the case for everyone’s favorite/most-hated Irishman. Conor hit the beach recently and tried testing his vertical leaping ability against an elevated beam. Short story: the beam won.

Props to our buddies at MiddleEasy for the find. To the footage!

UPDATE: This just in from our email that we check periodically when we’re not binge watching Netflix (still haven’t finished “How I Met Your Mother’): Conor McGregor conquered the beam, proving his athleticism is greater than that of a piece of wood.

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