Conor McGregor, Max Holloway get into war of words over past fight and potential future showdown

March 18, 2019

Conor McGregor loves to remind Max Holloway that he holds a win over him but the reigning UFC featherweight champion has become rather proficient in firing back with a few shots of his own.

On Sunday while in Boston — the site of their first fight — McGregor posted photos from his win over Holloway in 2013 where he defeated the future champion by unanimous decision while also tearing his ACL earlier in the contest.

“McGregor’s garden…now where the f— are them sunglasses,” McGregor wrote on Twitter.

Well Holloway was more than happy to fire back not only because he dealt with an ankle injury in that same fight where McGregor wasn’t at his best but he’s accomplished so much since then that it’s hard to recognize the 21-year-old kid who faced him in 2013.

In fact, Holloway hasn’t tasted defeat since losing a decision to McGregor six years ago while taking out every featherweight in his path including two wins over Jose Aldo to solidify his championship status.

“There you are my bratha. Glad you got to relive your best years today in Boston,” Holloway wrote in response to McGregor. “But if we are talking about the past remember this — I was 21, you were 25. This is me at 25. This is you at 21.”

Holloway then posted a photo of the night he won the featherweight title from Aldo and then followed it with McGregor’s loss to Joe Duffy by first round submission.

The featherweight king then followed up with a couple more statistics to back up his greatness since the last loss of his career.

“Dennis [Bermudez] beat me that summer, too, so if beating 21 year old Max is a trophy to you, congrats you share it with Dennis,” Holloway wrote.

“And know this, I would beat 21 year old Max, too, but I would finish him in two rounds and not let him take my ACL.”

That last jab finally earned Holloway a response from McGregor.

“I took my AC and shoved it up your arse that night, kid. You don’t still have it by any chance? I’m looking for it years. Happy Paddy’s Day.”

Holloway closed out with one final post with an invitation extended to McGregor to settle their differences in a rematch later this year.

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“There you go,” Holloway said to McGregor. “That’s the OG champ-champ the world wants. I do have it. White belt bum 21 year old Max gave it to me to return to you in Dublin. Glad you found your confidence again in Boston. You can find your ACL again in Vegas in July.”

Before Holloway could settle the score with McGregor, he first has to get through Dustin Poirier in an interim lightweight title fight scheduled for UFC 236 on April 13 in Atlanta.