Conor McGregor rips Manny Pacquiao after reps win $5M lawsuit

UFC superstar Conor McGregor went off on boxing legend Manny Pacquiao after the Irishman’s reps at Paradigm Sports Management won a $5.1 million lawsuit against him.

The lawsuit stemmed from Paradigm’s agreement with Pacquiao to exclusively negotiate on his behalf. Pacquiao, however, allegedly entered into a secret agreement with TGB Promotions and allowed a person named Sean Gibbons to represent him in negotiations.

McGregor’s team at Paradigm Sports took Pacquiao to court and was recently awarded $5.1 million in damages for Pacquiao having breached his contract with Paradigm. In addition to the damages awarded by the jury, Paradigm told that it is entitled to collect 10% annual interest on the verdict amount dating back three years, as well as at least $2 million in attorneys’s fees. Pacquiao owes Paradigm more than $8 million in total.

In responding to Twitter user Fight Oracle, McGregor was sharp-tongued in his comments about Pacquiao, though he acknowledged the boxer’s greatness.

Fight Oracle wrote, “You won’t see a penny” (from Pacquiao). McGregor responded with, “I’ll blow his head off with a back hand in bare knuckle.”

When Fight Oracle continued, McGregor added, “Ye, no, he’s awesome. He still owes the dough but, lad.”

Conor McGregor rep at Paradigm issues statement on Manny Pacquiao

Paradigm Founder and CEO Audie Attar took a more measured approach in his statement to

“We are elated to learn of the jury’s ruling in Paradigm’s favor in our suit against Manny Pacquiao. The jury plainly found that Pacquiao testified falsely in denying Paradigm’s claims against him, and his excuses for his conduct proves our case that a breach of contract was committed,” said Attar.

“We are appreciative of the court’s time and the jury’s careful attention to the facts of this case. Hopefully, Manny will have learned a lesson from the verdict and will henceforth act with the honesty and integrity that was so lacking in his treatment of Paradigm.”

Paradigm’s lead trial counsel was Judd Burstein and the Honorable Judge Walter P. Schwarm presided over the trial, which was held in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange. The original lawsuit was filed June 25, 2021.

McGregor is a coach opposite Michael Chandler in the latest iteration of The Ultimate Fighter reality series. The two are expected to fight sometime in the latter half of 2023.