Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, other UFC stars have the most fake Twitter followers report says

According to a report by, several big-name UFC stars are dealing with a large number of fake followers on Twitter. The study was done after “Elon Musk’s crackdown on fake/spam accounts” and was eye-opening in terms of MMA Twitter.

The site says they ran “SparkToro’s fake follower audit” to reveal the following data, per an official press release.

  • Highest Number of Fake Followers: Conor McGregor with an estimated 4.1 million fake followers

Also on the list are Anderson Silva (2,849,671), Jon Jones (1,092,496), Georges St-Pierre (871,548), Nate Diaz (820,040), Khabib Nurmagomedov (756,021), Daniel Cormier (517,512), Israel Adesanya (489,443), Dustin Poirier (362,448), and Cody Garbrandt (176,366).

In terms of the percentage of fake followers, Cody Garbrandt wins that one.

Highest Percentage of Fake Followers: Cody Garbrandt with an estimated 48.8 percent of his followers being fake

Also on the shortlist are TJ Dillashaw (48.1 percent), Conor McGregor (42.3 percent), Georges St-Pierre (41.5 percent), and Justin Gaethje (40.9 percent).

This report, in no way, is accusing any fighters of buying followers.

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