Conor McGregor is rooting for Nate Diaz over Jake Paul

April 24, 2023

Jake Paul will be fighting Nate Diaz in a boxing match in August and already people are placing their bets on who wins.

Conor McGregor, who fought Diaz twice, is also weighing in.

“I think Nate Diaz slaps the head off him, and I look forward to seeing it,” McGregor told Inside Fighting.

Paul apparently caught wind of the comments and wasn’t all that pleased.

“I’m a better boxer than you (Conor) and will do what you couldn’t and knock Nate out,” Paul tweeted. “After Nate let’s box as the co main event same night as Katie Taylor VS. [sic] Amanda Serrano in Dublin. But since you’re not your own boss you will hide behind Dana or just drink the rest of your life away. August 5th you will see.”

Even though McGregor is picking Diaz, he says he probably won’t be there to watch the fight go down.

“I’ll probably be on the Lamborghini just off the coast of Sicily,” McGregor said while gambling in Las Vegas.