Conor McGregor: ‘I’m Still the Two-Weight World Champ’

February 1, 2017

Conor McGregor made history at UFC 205 by becoming the only fighter in company history to hold belts in two weight classes at the same time when he knocked out then lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. Leading up to the fight, UFC president Dana White made it clear that if McGregor won the lightweight title that he’d have to relinquish it or his featherweight belt.

McGregor famously said that the UFC would have to bring an army to take one of the belts from him. Two weeks after becoming a two-division champion, the fight promotion stripped McGregor of his 145-pound title, but McGregor maintains that he’s still the champion in two divisions.

“Before I even got the belt, they wanted to strip me. That’s what I’m saying. Before I even won the belt they were like you’ve got to give this one up. Let me go and get the thing first. Let me go make the history. Let me go do what’s never been done before. There seemed to be a problem with that for whatever reason. I don’t know what the problem was,” said the Irishman during a recent pay-per-view question and answer session in Manchester, England.

Conor McGregor UFC 205 presserMcGregor said there was a communication breakdown between himself and the fight promotion and that he was willing to defend the 145-pound belt if the UFC had asked.

“All they had to do was ask. If they had legitimately came to me and said, ‘hey Conor, I know you’re preparing to have a baby. I know you’re chilling, but if you want to fight for this featherweight belt in March,’ I would have went in and slept [Max] Holloway, or the guy he’s fighting, or [Jose] Aldo, or whoever they wanted. No problem. All they had to do was ask,” he said.

“Instead, they created an interim belt. They gave back the unified belt to a guy I KO’d in 13 seconds. A guy I dominated now has the interim title. I was almost a little bit embarrassed for the way it was playing out. It’s not really how bad it’s gone. They just need to kind of create all this fake stuff to sell some stuff, but it’s still some (expletive),” he added.

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Holloway fought former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis at UFC 206 and won the interim featherweight championship. McGregor holds a decision win over Holloway from August 2013.

“Before there were conversations, but not after. After it just kind of went silent and then it just happened,” McGregor said about being stripped of the title.

“They wrote out a press release. What did they do? Did they send an army? Did they physically take that belt from me? Has anyone laid a finger on me to take that second belt, or the first belt? No. I’m still the two-weight world champion. Make no mistake about it,” he proclaimed.

McGregor maintains that he was willing to defend both belts if given the opportunity.

“Like I said, all they had to do was ask. All they had to do was ask. Right now, I’m walking around at about 75 kilos. That’s like 160 pounds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a heavy cut. It’s a heavy weight cut, but tell me one time I’m missed it. Tell me one time I’ve missed the featherweight limit,” he said.

“At the Aldo fight, there was no IV. You weren’t allowed to use IVs at the Aldo fight. That was the first time that I brought in a nutritionist. I did the best weight cut I’ve ever had and I didn’t use an IV to rehydrate. And I went in and knocked my opponent out in 13 seconds. How can they claim I’m not the featherweight world champion? How can they claim I’m not a featherweight no more?

“Sign on the dotted line and I’ll take a featherweight fight no problem. But make no mistake about it, you sign me up against any of these featherweights, they’re not going to show up. And that’s fact,” he said. “The featherweights are praying that I don’t come back down there.”

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