Conor McGregor hilariously launches ‘Champ Champ Rose’ wine on April Fool’s Day

It’s safe to say just about everybody gets fed up with ludicrous April Fool’s Day jokes but former two-division champion Conor McGregor just made one of his own and it’s pretty hilarious.

The Irish superstar, who now doubles as a whiskey magnate after launching his Proper No. 12 whiskey last year, decided to debut a new commercial touting his latest venture — ‘Champ Champ Rose’ wine.

McGregor didn’t just expertly troll everybody with his wine launch on April Fool’s Day but he managed to create an entire commercial and even a website to really go all the way with this particular prank.

The full commercial is rather hilarious and considering the reaction McGregor got, it seems entirely possible that he decides to one day turn ‘Champ Champ Rose’ into a real product.

Check out the video posted by McGregor on Monday and see if you’d be in the market for ‘Champ Champ Rose’ wine.