Conor McGregor Fires Another Shot Across the Bow: #YourMove

UFC president Dana White has all but declared that Conor McGregor has no shot at getting back on the UFC 200 fight card, following a rift between fighter and company over promotional duties for the summer blockbuster event.

While TMZ is reporting that McGregor being out it is a done deal, UFC officials have lowered the cone of silence, with White telling Yahoo! Sports simply, “I have no comment on the Conor situation.”

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Conor McGregor UFC 196 wo 04 750x370That could be a confirmation that he is out and that the promotion is working on it’s next best option to replace the hottest superstar in the MMA world. It could also be an indicator that the deal is not dead yet; that there could be eleventh hour negotiations underway to keep the brash Irishman at the top of the UFC 200 bill.

It’s hard to tell what direction the situation is headed when neither side is fielding questions from the press, but McGregor returned to Twitter late Thursday to fire another shot across the bow of his employer, including the hashtag #YourMove, virtually verifying that this is a power struggle between the biggest fight promotion in the world and it’s fastest rising star.

Check? Or checkmate?

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