Conor McGregor Declares Floyd Mayweather Is ‘Out’ of Rematch Fight Negotiations

February 19, 2018

Conor McGregor is apparently done waiting on Floyd Mayweather to decide whether or not he’s serious about a rematch.

In recent weeks, Mayweather has been dropping all sorts of teasers on social media about potentially entering a mixed martial arts fight while even hinting during one interview that a return could be imminent in boxing or inside the Octagon.

Mayweather retired from boxing last August following his 10th round TKO against McGregor that moved his record to a perfect 50-0. Still, Mayweather has continued to hint at a comeback and even UFC president Dana White seemed open to the idea of another fight against McGregor so long as it took place under mixed martial arts rules.

Well now McGregor is clearly calling Mayweather’s bluff with his latest post on social media where he declared that the former boxing champion is out of fight negotiations and settled into retirement.

“I am happy for Floyd and his recent announcement that he is out of these current fight negotiations,” McGregor wrote on Instagram. “It is the reason I never [sought] the rematch in the first place. I was happy for him in retirement. My game is a very unforgiving one. It is not like other games.

“I understand completely him staying retired. I will now carry on in my negotiations and see where it goes. Have a great retirement Junior. Now come here and give your old man a hug for old times sake. I’m proud of you son. Yours truly, Senior.”

McGregor rarely says anything on social media without a purpose and it’s all but certain that he was trying to goad a response out of Mayweather after all the constant teases he’s been unleashing lately.

It always seemed highly unlikely that Mayweather would venture over into the UFC to face McGregor in a rematch where he would be a massive underdog.

Still, if Mayweather is serious in any way shape or form, McGregor is obviously ready to find out judging by his latest message to him on Instagram.