Conor McGregor Closes Strong, Floyd Mayweather Drops Homophobic Slur on Final Day of World Tour

Four days. Four cities. Four very similar events with very different outcomes but the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor World Tour has finally come to an end.

The last stop on Friday took place in London with another large audience waiting well past the scheduled start time to get a glimpse of Mayweather and McGregor, who have been jabbing at each other all week long to promote their fight on Aug. 26.

Thursday’s event in Brooklyn was certainly the low point of the tour, but the energy was back with London as McGregor came close to home with more than 5,000 people reportedly flying in for the press conference from Ireland.

Much like the first three events, the fighters were introduced with McGregor being showered with adoration while Mayweather was met with a venomous reaction from the crowd.

Unlike Thursday where McGregor came out wearing no shirt and an expensive mink coat he bought on Fifth Avenue in New York that same day, the UFC lightweight champion was back in one of his signature suits while sounding a little more toned down versus his performance from 24-hours earlier.

Of course “toned down” is relative when compared to some of the inappropriate comments McGregor spewed on Thursday but he seemed to be back to form with the final stop in London.

“Half a fight — let’s get that right,” McGregor said while continuing to prod at Mayweather that mixed martial arts is the real fight. “I get to quadruple my net worth for half a f–king fight. Sign me up!”

For the first time all tour, McGregor acknowledged Mayweather’s friend and business partner Leonard Ellerbe, who he complimented — outside of his choice of attire on Friday — but then pointed out how he’s going to be to blame when his 49-0 fighter suffers his first loss on Aug. 26.

“He could have rode off into the sunset 49-0,” McGregor shouted. “Instead, this is my first time in a boxing ring and in six weeks, I run boxing!”

McGregor’s parlor games continued with another shot taken at Showtime Sports general manager Stephen Espinoza, who looked more and more annoyed each time the UFC champion decided to make him part of the show.

On Friday, Espinoza looked particularly perturbed by McGregor’s words and it appeared that he was on the verge of retaliation but he ultimately stayed seated.

“You gonna stand up and do something?” McGregor said to Espinoza. “You sit down and shut your f–king mouth.”

From there, McGregor addressed Mayweather’s bodyguards as well as his recent tax problems as the crowd seemed to rise and fall with every word he spoke.

The tension did ratchet up for a moment when McGregor placed his hand on Mayweather’s head, which prompted UFC president Dana White to nearly intervene before something erupted in the makeshift boxing ring that served as the stage for the press conference.

Thankfully, Mayweather just smiled and laughed as McGregor finished up his time on the microphone with the raucous London crowd eating up everything he said.

“Now let’s get it straight, the bulls–t is now over. Six weeks, I’m gonna sleep this fool,” McGregor said. “And when I sleep him, I’m gonna bounce his head off the canvas as well.”

When it was finally Mayweather’s turn to talk, the crowd immediately shifted gears from cheers to jeers while booing the former boxing champion who paced around the ring before finally speaking. He even tried to take away McGregor’s microphone so he could talk without any interruptions, but the UFC champion was quick to snatch another from across the table before daring Mayweather to come get it.

“I’m a gorilla,” Mayweather said. “And I eat through fighters like you, b–ch.”

Mayweather continued to taunt McGregor about his past losses, which was similar to the attacks he’s had throughout the world tour although he finally invoked Nate Diaz’s name while speaking in London

“Somebody get Nate Diaz on the phone,” Mayweather screamed. “Little h-. It feels so good to be at the top and never lose. You know what it’s like to taste defeat. I will never taste defeat, b–ch.”

While Mayweather’s diatribe didn’t sound all that different from the onslaught he unleashed during the previous three days, he then decided to go on an insult tirade calling McGregor a series of names — including one homophobic slur amidst a string of other misogynistic words that both fighters used throughout the tour.

When Mayweather finally finished speaking, he squared off with McGregor one last time as the fighters won’t come face to face again until they meet in Las Vegas in the latter part of August.

It’s tough to say what impact the Mayweather-McGregor world tour may have played in promoting the fight, but it was impossible to ignore the string of press conferences taking place over the past week. The two fighters commanded attention from every corner of the globe and now it’s Mayweather and McGregor who will look to cash in when they finally meet on Aug. 26.

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