Conor McGregor Bet Dana White $3 Million He’d KO Chad Mendes at UFC 189

Now this is ballsy.

Conor McGregor is yet to prove that he’s the best featherweight in the world. That’ll happen if he can get passed Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo, and then clean out a featherweight division he said he’d one day rule.

But the one thing Conor has proven is that he’s probably the most confident salesman the UFC has on its roster. So confident is this guy that he bet his employers he will knock out Mendes at UFC 189. And the bet wasn’t a dinner or a round of drinks. No, Conor McGregor told Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta he’ll put down $3 million on the KO. Damn, son.

Words via Dana on Tuesday’s edition of “The Jim Rome Show”:

“He told Lorenzo and I the other day ‘I’ll bet you $3 million I knock him out in the second round,'” White said, adding, “I like to bet. I don’t know if I’m that willing to take that bet.”

Dana went on to add how fascinating Conor is and how fun it is to listen to him. But you know what’s going to be even more fun? Watching Conor face a wrestler for the first time in his UFC career and seeing how that style plays out against his notorious striking approach.

UFC 189 is scheduled to take place Saturday in Las Vegas, and I’ll be firmly placed in my own version of press row at a local sports bar, consuming copious amounts of chicken wings. Feel free to come by and pick up the tab.

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