Conor McGregor believes it’s time for boxer Vasyl Lomachenko to fight mixed martial arts

(Courtesy of UkraineAtamansPRO)

There friction between Conor McGregor and world champion boxer Vasyl Lomachenko on social media over the years, but nothing has really come of it. 

Now that McGregor has quieted somewhat about potential boxing matches, it appears he’s looking to lure Lomachenko over to the world of mixed martial arts. 

During a press conference in Ukraine, Lomachenko’s home country, McGregor was asked about the famous boxer and what he thought him. 

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“He’s a phenomenal, phenomenal boxer. He’s the pound-for-pound No. 1 boxer on the planet,” McGregor admitted, before adding that he felt Lomachenko needed to step outside of his one discipline. 

“For me, you must compete in mixed martial arts. You’re just lying to yourself if you stay in one discipline. It’s not a complete fight. You’ve got to compete in mixed martial arts. I would like to see him compete in mixed martial arts competition. I know he has some words about me or whatever.”