Connecticut Becomes the 49th State to Legalize MMA, Leaving New York as the Final Frontier

June 5, 2013

connecticutThe Connecticut General Assembly’s House of Representatives on May 7 passed bill HB-5277 by an overwhelming 117-26 vote.

On Wednesday, the bill passed the Senate, making Connecticut the forty-ninth state to legalize mixed martial arts.

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner reacted to the news on Twitter.

HB-5277 was sponsored by Rep. Charles Clemons (124th District) and Senator Andres Ayala (23rd District), along with more than 34 additional co-sponsors – including nine Senators, Democrats and Republicans.

“The bill had strong support in the Committee on Public Safety and Security; the Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding; and on the Floor of the House.  The majority of Representatives – Democrats and Republicans know that this is the right thing to do for Connecticut,” said Rep. Clemons on May 8.

“The Governor still has to sign it.  The vote total in the Senate was 26-9 and House 117-26, both overwhelming. Great day for MMA in North America with Canada and Connecticut.  We’re pushing hard for New York.  It’s not a question of if but when,” Ratner told on Wednesday.  “The governor signature is just a formality.”

“UFC is eager to hold events in Hartford and Bridgeport and we know other national and regional MMA promoters look forward to holding events here as well,” said UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta when the bill passed the House of Representatives.

New York is the only state in the U.S. that has yet to legalize the sport of mixed martial arts.

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