October 14, 2010

Carlos ConditMuch has been made of Carlos Condit’s travel to the U.K. for Saturday’s UFC 120 being delayed. He missed his flight in New York, leading his opponent, Dan Hardy, to question whether or not Condit’s feet had gotten cold.

When all was said and done, it appears to have been more about security concerns in an era of heightened terrorist risk than anything else.

“My passport is a bit worn. I’ve had it for a long time and traveled all over the place. Basically, I don’t think that they were really wanting to let us get on the plane in New York,” explained Condit.

“We went down to customs and there was no problem with it. I had no problem when I got here to London. So basically it was the people at the flight counter were giving us a hard time. According to them, there’s heightened security risks and factors, and that’s why they were scrutinizing my passport more than usual.”

Ever the conspiracy theorist, Hardy had an alternate take on why Condit missed his flight, believing it had more to do with Condit’s personal security than it did with international security.

“They were definitely Dan Hardy fans clearly doing it for his own good. He really should have been thanking them and went back to New Mexico, but sometimes you can’t take a hint.”