Company President Jeff Aronson Explains Decision to Re-Schedule and Re-Locate Titan FC 28

April 16, 2014

Titan FC LogoAfter the first Titan FC show under new President and CEO Jeff Aronson’s leadership went fairly smoothly, it seems almost nothing has gone as expected for the promotion’s second show.

The Location, main event and finally the date of the show have all changed at one time or another.

Most recently, Titan FC 28 was pushed back from April 25 until May 16 and moved from Kansas City, Kan., to Newkirk, Okla.

Speaking to shortly after the surprise announcement was made, Aronson gave reasons for the changes and what he feels made the decision to postpone the show worthwhile. Obviously the question on everyone’s mind, Jeff, is why was Titan FC 28 postponed?

Jeff Aronson: It was pretty much a three-fold issue that happened:

One, we had been dealing with the injury bug on this card. Over the last weekend we had three fighters get hurt that we had to pull from the card. I thought to myself, “There’s no way I’m going to put on a card that is sub-par from the original.” So we went out there and put together a few more fights for this card. And the fights that we’ve added to this card are really, really good.

Two, we had been negotiating to get us on instead of, which they have done now. It was going to take a couple weeks to integrate into their system. Now we’ll be able to stream our prelims nationally and internationally, which is a big thing for us as well.

Lastly, we’re doing a two-and-a-half-hour show instead of a two-hour show, and are going from five live fights to six.

So all those things culminated and we ended up postponing the show. Nobody likes to postpone a show, but in this situation I think it was the best thing. And I’m actually much more excited about the fight card than I was beforehand. Where was the card most hit with injuries?

Jeff Aronson: It was mostly the undercard. For Robert Washington, I was able to get Alvin Robinson to step in against “Tohinho Furia” (Gleristone Santos), which is a much bigger fight than the original one.

So a lot of the undercard guys dropped out and I just needed time to strengthen the card back up. Have you received any negative feedback from the fighters or fans about the postponement?

Jeff Aronson: I hadn’t had any negative blowback on it as far as I know. Everybody’s been incredibly supportive of it, especially the fans, because I think they get to see six live fights instead of five and they’re getting to see a better fight card. Given the extra time to prepare the show, will there be any improvements made from what we might have seen on April 25?

Jeff Aronson: We’re adding an extra day to production and we’re bringing in the best talent we can for production. We’re really working diligently.

The first show came off really well and we got a lot of positive feedback on it, but there were things I didn’t like about it. We’ve stepped it up a bit. CBS has stepped it up as well. They’ve started producing commercials for us that will be airing. You’ll see the evolution changing.

There will be announcements coming within the next couple weeks of people that have joined the organization, and organizations we’ve linked up with, so it’s very exciting what’s going on behind the scenes right now. So the wait will definitely be worth it?

Jeff Aronson: Oh, definitely, 100-percent. I’m really happy with the way the first card performed and I’m sure this one is going to beat that expectation.

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