Commissioner Retires, Leading to Next Generation of Nevada Athletic Commission

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Marking a new generation for the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Raymond “Skip” Avansino, Jr., announced his retirement at the commission’s Dec. 12, 2017, meeting.

Avansino was the final commission member of the “old guard” of the NSAC, which had been besieged with complaints and criticisms over the past few years.

The installation of Anthony Marnell to the commission in 2014 began the shift to a next generation commission, which has since seen all five of the prior commission members either retire or fail to be reappointed by Nevada’s governor.

Avansino served on the commission for 15 years, including a stint as Chairman, often taking up the position of the “voice of reason” in opposition to some of the more aggressive commissioners in recent memory.

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Current commission members include Chairman Marnell, as well as commissioners Staci Alonso and Sandra Douglass Morgan, leaving two open seats for the governor to fill by January.

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