Coming Off First Loss, Diego Bautista Ready to Start Putting Guys Away

Diego Bautista MFCYou would think that losing his first fight earlier this year to former TUF alum Ryan McGillivray would negatively affect MFC up-and-comer Diego Bautista, but not so.

As he told, “It doesn’t matter to me if I have 10 wins, 100 wins, or 100 losses; a fight’s a fight to me.

“Everybody was asking me if that was the pressure I had being 7-0 against Ryan, and I’m like, ‘I don’t even think of my record before a fight. I don’t think of it after. I just take it fight-by-fight every fight; one fight at a time.’”

Bautista went on to say that while a broken thumb hampered his performance, he looks at the fight for its positives rather than its negatives.

“I remember what my coaches told me and I slowed everything down like I was supposed to,” he said. “I’m usually ADD (Attention Deficit Order) when I fight, and this time I was ADD, but I could still see everything, that’s what I loved about it. Also, my cardio was in tip-top shape. I could have done five five-minute rounds if I had to.”

During his recovery process, the decision was made for Bautista to move down in weight from 170 pounds to 155 pounds. The change of weight comes as a welcome to a normally undersized Bautista.

“My trainers thought it would be a better weight because I’m a smaller 170,” said Bautista. “Like everybody I fight is bigger than me or taller than me, so they just wanted me to go down to 155 and try it out.

“My last fight, I believe fight night Ryan weighed like 190 and I weighed like 176, so it was a big factor.”

As if making his debut at a new weight class and the opportunity to rebound off his only loss wasn’t motivation enough, when Bautista returns at MFC 33 on May 4 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to face Sabah Fadai, he’ll do so looking to silence an already vocal opponent.

“It’s a good fight for me because I love to fight. I hate having a boring fight. I just want to bang,” said Bautista. “Hopefully, he comes out and brings it like I’ve seen him bring it before in the fights that I’ve seen.

“Just as good as he can stand and bang, I know he’s running his mouth already, saying he’s a dentist and he’s going to give me his card. It just gives me more adrenaline and makes me work harder.”

Bautista knows that it’s not enough to win in such a deep weight class, but win convincingly to stand out and make his way to where he wants to go in the sport.

“Just like everybody else, I want to get into the UFC somehow,” he said. “One way or another, that’s what I’m planning for.

“The guys I fight with tell me that I punch hard, and the guys I train with also tell me I punch hard and that I just need to put everything together and not try to go out there and just tear somebody’s head off. Instead, let it come to me and it will just all fall into place and I’ll start putting guys away.”

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