Article & Photos courtesy of Thomas M. Rozdzynski

Rookie’s night at Combat-Do Fighting Challenge 13

(Photos courtesy of Thomas M. Rozdzynski)


CICERO, Ill. – Yet again, Bob Schirmer doesn’t let
down the local crowd, putting together Combat-Do Fighting Challenge 13. A well-organized
local show filled his Cicero Academy to the last seat.


An appearance from the Ultimate Fighting Championship
contender, Houston Alexander was a special treat for everyone.   


Jiu-jitsu fans were far from disappointed Saturday night, experiencing
a ground war between Dominick Zajda and Sean Goes. Goes dominated the first
round, catching Zajda in a pure technical triangle choke. Unfortunately for
him, a nearly unconscious Zajda managed to survive, pulling his head out and
passing the guard.


In round two the table turns. After a short exchange, both
ended up on the ground and Zajda returned the favor executing a triangle choke,
finishing the match just past the two-minute mark.  


Baron Rotza showed his ground skills finishing Nick Joiner
in the first round by an inverted arm bar, pushing his record to 2-1. Andrei
Cornicenko displayed his submission skills with a clean attack from the bottom,
which was transitioned to a straight knee bar in the second round.


No event should go without a spectacular striking display.
John Passarella, in his MMA debut, didn’t give his opponent even a second to
spare, executing his striking fury from the very beginning of the bout. Shortly
after, the referee had no choice but to stop the fight due to overwhelming
strikes in Passarella’s favor.


Andrew Skojchet and Alex Carter didn’t leave much room for
negotiations either. After brief exchanges, both manage to take their opponents
to the floor and the full mount position, which was followed by overpowering
strikes from the top and referee stoppage due to strikes.


In the main event of the evening, instructors from Combat-Do
and Team Boomslang fought in a long anticipated rematch in the heavyweight
division. Tim Wills (Team Boomslang) initiated the fight, taking Angelo Rivera
(Combat-Do) to the ground and began a slow but powerful ground and pound
attack. The fireworks got cut short when Rivera secured an armbar from the
bottom and left Wills with no choice but to submit in the first minute of the
first round. 


–David WazWaz def. Joe Voitik by Unanimous Decision

–Andrei Cernicenko def. Ben McClain by Submission
(Kneebar) at 1:09, R2

–Jeffrey Jordan def. Rey Garza by Disqualification at
1:49, R2

–Dominick Zajda def. Dean Goes by Submission (Triangle
Choke) at 2:19, R2

–John Passarella def. Terry Lease by TKO (Strikes) at
0:32, R1

–Andrew Skojchet def. Morgan Ringier by TKO (Strikes)
at 2:24, R1

–Baron Rotza def. Nick Joiner by Submission (Armbar)
at 2:20, R1

–Alex Carter def. Tayler Reef by TKO (Strikes) at 2:04,

–Angelo Rivera def. Tim Wills by Submission (Armbar)
at 1:52, R1


(Results courtesy of Dan Dougherty)