Colby Covington Willing to Fight Darren Till or Another Opponent Under the Right Conditions

January 10, 2019

Colby Covington remains at odds with the UFC over his promised title shot that was pulled out from under him in favor of pitting Kamaru Usman against reigning welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on March 2.

Covington never received an offer much less an explanation why he was no longer competing for the championship, especially after he won an interim title last June.

The outspoken contender waged verbal war on UFC president Dana White earlier this week while explaining his disgust with the promotion’s decision to skip over him without ever telling him why he was sitting on the sidelines while Usman was fighting for the title.

Covington knows it all could boil down to retribution because he was unwilling to face Usman in a non-title fight in January after Woodley couldn’t get cleared in time to compete at the now cancelled UFC 233 card in Anaheim.

Right now, Covington is still waiting for any word from the UFC about what comes next for him but he’s made it clear his end goal is still to become champion. As far as taking on another opponent other than Woodley or Usman, Covington says he would consider it but only under the right conditions.

“They can get me to fight whoever but they’re going to have to give me undisputed championship pay,” Covington told MMAWeekly on Monday. “I’m not going to go backwards. I was promised an undisputed title shot and undisputed pay, I’m not fighting for anything less than undisputed pay. I’m not going to fight for less money.

“They want me to fight Darren Till? Fine, no big deal, I’ll fight him but I’m getting my undisputed championship title fight pay to fight him.”

There had been rumors floating around that the UFC was considering a Covington vs. Till fight to headline the upcoming card in London, England in March but nothing has been offered to the former interim champion just yet.

More than anything, Covington wants to prove that he’s the best in the world but he refuses to just bow down to the UFC’s will after they failed to live up to their promises.

Colby Covington

Photo by Damon Martin

“All these guys are jobbers. I’m the best welterweight on the planet right now. No one’s going to stop me. I’m getting better everyday. All these guys suck,” Covington said. “They’re not even in my league. You haven’t even seen me at my best. You’ve seen me fighting for an interim title and winning a title at 50-percent when I couldn’t even breathe. Swallowing mucus, swallowing blood, all in my lungs, all in my sinuses and I had to get that surgery to clear it out. So you haven’t even seen my potential.

“I’m 30 years young. They act like they can put me on ice. I don’t give a s—t. Time is on my side motherf—kers. I’ve got time to wait. The best is yet to come for Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington and I will not go out silently.”

As much as bridges have seemingly been burned during this entire situation, Covington says there’s definitely a way to mend fences but even then he’s not completely certain he would believe the UFC no matter what they told him.

“We know what their promises mean,” Covington said. “They could say ‘we promise you’re going to get the shot at Woodley or Usman’ but guess what? How far did your promises go before? They don’t go anywhere. We know Dana’s a liar. He’s a piece of s–t person. We know the UFC, all they do is lie. All these people behind closed doors, they want to direct all these fighter’s lives — go fight in four weeks injured, it will be good for the company, we’ll do you a favor, it’s our word — they never hold those promises or repay the favor.

“It doesn’t matter if they say I’m going to fight the winner. You can’t hold anything they say with credibility anymore. They’re shitting on me. They’re sh–ting on the fans. They don’t care about their product.”