Colby Covington Throws Verbal Jabs at Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier and Jake Paul

After Dana White announced Colby Covington is up next for the welterweight title shot against Kamaru Usman, Covington is doing what he does best, creating chaos.

Covington was giving his thoughts on some of the more notable attendees at UFC 261, namely former Strikeforce welterweight champion and UFC title challenger Nick Diaz and YouTube sensation turned professional boxer Jake Paul.

“Chaos” believes neither of them would want a fight with him, primarily taking aim at “The Problem Child”.

“Oh, those guys? No, they don’t want to fight me. Especially Jake Paul,” Covington said to Submission Radio. “He’s only looking to fight washed up, you know, past their time fighters. Guys that don’t know how to throw punches.

“He’s not going to try and start a scuffle with me because he knows how that ends. I will literally smack the pubes off of his chin and he knows that. So you know little Junior, he pipes down.”

Covington also had some fighting words for no. 6 ranked lightweight and former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

In a tweet, McGregor alluded to perhaps going back up to 170 to try and challenge for the welterweight title.

Diego Sanchez is no longer a UFC fighter

“Chaos” was not a fan. Covington threw shots at McGregor while also saving some for his former teammate, no. 1 ranked lightweight contender Dustin Poirier.

“I think it’s laughable. It’s comical. I mean, you just got sparked by Dustin [Poirier]. Go ask Dustin [Poirier] about the times we used to train together,” Covington said. “This guy, he used to cry in the gym. He’d lay in the gym crying, he’d tell his coach Mike Brown ‘Oh man, Colby’s so tough I can’t stop him. Why is he so good? Why is his pace too much and I quit like a little b—h’.

“So [McGregor] just got sparked by Dustin [Poirier] so sit the fuck down ‘Con Man’ McGregor. You couldn’t even knock that old man off the stool. How you gonna knock off greatness in the greatest welterweight of all time? So I just think it’s funny, he’s just trying to put his name in the hat, keep some hype out there like he’s actually a winnable fighter. Dude, the guy has nothing left man. You made all your money. You cashed out. You’re not hungry, we get it guy. Just go away, fade away off in the driftness man. Leave this to the guys that are still hungry and motivated.”

Regardless of how some may feel about him, “Chaos” continues to live up to his nickname to the fullest extent.