Colby Covington Slams Donald Trump’s Impending Indictment Arrest

March 20, 2023

Former President Donald Trump could be arrested with a possible indictment this week, according to multiple reports. One of his biggest supporters (outside of Dana White) is former interim champion Colby Covington who was the first UFC fighter to visit the White House.

So when Covington spoke to the media on Saturday night, the news of Trump’s arrest was brought ups.

“More fake news, more political sham,” he said. “You know, they’re just weaponizing the DOJ and the FBI. Look at this stuff. They raided his home for no reason. The Mueller report, the Russian collusion, all the hoaxes around him. All they constantly do is make up fake news about him. They don’t have anything on him. This is just because they’re afraid of him and they know he’s coming back and he’s going to be the president in 2024, and they’re just trying to stick something to him, but they got nothing.”

Covington even revealed he was with Trump last week which played into his large weight cut in order to be the backup fighter for UFC 286.

“Usually it’s about 13, 14, 15 pounds max,” he said. “But I was with Donald Trump last week. We were at a birthday party for Kimberly Guilfoyle at Donald Trump’s house, and we were at a party just kind of eating, and I wasn’t really thinking that I was going to be the backup fighter.  I hadn’t heard anything from the UFC, so I was like, I’m going to splurge a little bit. I’m going to eat and have this buffet-style food and catering and not really worry about it. Hopefully, I’ll get the winner this summer or whatnot, and we’ll go from there. “

Covington also commented on the fan reaction to seeing him as a backup for the title fight, despite not fighting in a year.

“All the idiots and clickbait merchants out in the media that try and think they can make these fake headlines and this fake news and actually think it’s true,” he said. “But the fans know the truth, that’s what you saw with these numbers this weekend was the fans clamoring for me to come back. They want to see the real champ come back. They want to see the people’s champ, America’s champ. And the most important title of them all- Donald Trump’s favorite fighter. Shout out- Donald Trump, The 45th president of the United States and the soon-to-be 47th President of the United States. He would have been the 46th if they didn’t rig the election, but he’s the greatest President in American history, and he’s going to come back and make America great again.”

At press time, Trump had not been arrested yet.