Colby Covington says he’ll make Jorge Masvidal ‘suffer’ and ‘verbally tap out’ at UFC 272

The build-up for UFC 272: Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal has reached a boiling point just days ahead of their highly-anticipated showdown.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Covington confirmed that the bad blood was still hot as ever and not fading anytime soon.

“I see a lot of pain,” Covington told TMZ. “I’m going to inflict so much pain on Jorge Masvidal. He’s not going to be the same person ever again. He keeps talking about a baptism. There’s not going to be a baptism. It’s going to be a funeral. It’s Jorge Masvidal’s career-ending funeral. It’s going to be violent, and I’m not going to finish it quick.”

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“I could easily finish it quick because I’d do it all the time behind closed doors when we used to train. But this one, I’m going to drag it out. I’m going to make him suffer and it’ll probably be the first time in UFC history you see a guy in a main event just verbally tap out and say he can’t take no more of a beating.”

The beef between the two fighters goes way back and has been the biggest selling point for their fight.

One thing Covington has always said was that Masvidal’s claims that he was kicked out of the gym for not paying a coach are false.

“To hold this kid accountable for all the reckless words he said to the media – he’s been lying to everybody the whole time,” Covington said. “I just can’t wait to expose him in front of the world next Saturday night.

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