Colby Covington recounts expletive filled altercation with Nate Diaz at UFC 235

Colby Covington had plenty of altercations this past weekend in Las Vegas when he made an appearance at UFC 235 where he watched Kamaru Usman become the new welterweight champion of the world.

During the card, Covington engaged in shouting matches with several people cage side including a particularly nasty exchange with Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley.

“Todd Gurley looked at me and said ‘f—k you Colby, f—k MAGA, f—k Donald Trump, you little b—ch’ and then all his little boys, he had like five or six little hood rats with him and they were all talking s—t, too ‘f—k you Colby, you wanna go outside right now’ and my security’s getting up like ‘what b—ch you wanna do this motherf—ker?’,” Covington revealed when speaking to MMAWeekly.

“I had some crazy ass Samoans security with me. You don’t f—k with those guys. Those guys are straight hitters. They’re willing to take bullets and give bullets to protect me. That’s how crazy they are. My security team is top of the line.

That’s when the former interim champion says UFC president Dana White came over to intervene in an attempt to defuse a volatile situation but then seconds later Covington found himself face to face with Nate Diaz, who was also there that night.

According to Covington, Diaz started shouting at him without provocation, which then led to another shouting match just a few feet away from the Octagon.

“Nate Diaz strolls by right when Dana White comes over like ‘chill out, Colby, just be good, just chill, watch the fights, enjoy the fights’. He comes over, Dana leaves, Nate Diaz comes right by ‘f—k you Colby’, he flips me off right in front of my face,” Covington said. “I stand up and I’m like ‘what-b—ch? Why you flipping me off? You f—king suck. You got your f—king ass lit up by [Rafael dos Anjos], you saw what I did to RDA. He looks back like ‘f—k you b—ch’ trying to f—king start some beef with me.

“I’m like what are you doing Nate Diaz? You’re the easiest fight in the UFC for anybody. You barely have a winning record. What are are you 10-10 as a fighter? You’re a f—king joke. Why are you talking to the welterweight king like that?”  

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Following the close of the co-main event, Covington then started yelling at Usman just seconds after his title fight victory, which led to another near confrontation as the new welterweight champion left the Octagon.

Nothing turned physical — at least not that night — and Covington left the arena with a promise from White that he would be the next in line to challenge Usman for the welterweight title.

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