Colby Covington: ‘I think Tyron Woodley is going to take a dive against Jake Paul’

June 4, 2021

Top ranked UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington defeated former champion Tyron Woodley in his last outing in September 2020. He and Woodley were former training partners at American Top Team and have known each other for years.

Woodley fulfilled his UFC contract in his last fight against Vicente Luque at UFC 260 in March and parted ways with the fight promotion. On Aug. 28, Woodley will box YouTube personality turned boxer Jake Paul. Covington believes Woodley will take a dive in the fight.

“He’s (Paul) is looking for a guy that kind of towards the tail end of their career. Tyron Woodley could still knock him out,” said Covington in an interview with Helen Yee Sports. “He still has that knockout power, but he’s getting up there in age and his motivation’s not there.

“What I think is – I know how struggling Tyron Woodley is for money – he’s going to take a dive. It’s going to be a work. He’s not really going to fight Jake Paul. They’re going to pay him a couple of million dollars under the table, he’s going to take a dive, take a fall, and they’re going to hype up this little Snake Paul like he’s some great fighter and great boxer when he’s really nothing more than an amateur, a joke, and a sparring partner.”

Covington doubled down on his prediction.

“I thing Woodley is going to take a dive. It’s going to be a work. It’s not going to be a real fight. They’re not really going to fight. Woodley is going to get paid off. He’s going to take a dive,” he said.

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Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul face-off video

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