Colby Covington: ‘Georges St-Pierre would have been a very easy fight for me’

May 30, 2021

Former interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington believes that the sport of mixed martial arts. has evolved since some all-time greats ruled their divisions.

Covington (17-2) is the top ranked 170-pound contender in the world. He’s 8-1 in his last nine fights only losing to the current champion Kamaru Usman.

Former two-division champion Georges St-Pierre is widely considered the greatest welterweight champion in UFC history, but Covington thinks “GSP” couldn’t hang in the current era of the weight class even in his prime.

“I don’t think I could beat Georges St-Pierre. I know I’d beat St-Pierre,” Covington said during a recent episode of the MMA Roasted Podcast. “He was able to take a lot of guys down and hold them down and ground and pound. He’s not taking me down. My cardio is completely different. I’ve never been taken down in the UFC Octagon, so h’es not going to be the first.

“Georges St-Pierre, his striking was very basic, very kindergarten. He didn’t have a lot of tricks. He just had that really good jab, but that’s pretty easy to counter if you’re moving your head and using footwork. I think Georges St-Pierre would have been a very, extremely easy fight for me.”

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(Courtesy of MMA Roasted Podcast)

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