Colby Covington feels robbed: ‘Fake stoppage. Fake ref.’

December 15, 2019

There was a lot of bad blood going into the UFC 245 main event between welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and challenger Colby Covington. Even though Usman stopped Covington late in the fifth round, it appears nothing was settled, at least in Covington’s mind.

It certainly was a close fight, but Covington feels the odds were stacked against him, blaming Goddard for a boat load of trumped up charges: from a fake nut shot to a fake eye poke to a fake stoppage. 

Though Covington is known for saying things that leave others wondering if he actually believes what he’s saying, he didn’t have an opportunity to confront the press following the loss to Usman, as he was transported to the hospital to treat a broken jaw. 

He also didn’t hang around the Octagon for long after the bout, as Covington was show sprinting from cageside.