Colby Covington disparages Brazilians, as Leon Edwards looms in London

Gilbert Burns is clamoring for a UFC welterweight title shot after defeating Jorge Masvidal at UFC 287, but that coveted slot will first go to No. 2 ranked Colby Covington. One of the more bombastic personalities in the UFC, Covington is no stranger to stirring the pot. Much of his celebrity is built upon his ability to antagonize his opponents.

Colby Covington rebuts Leon Edwards remarks

As expected, Covington isn’t holding back after UFC president Dana White promised him the next shot at current welterweight champion Leon Edwards. Covington sharpened his tongue after Edwards said that he wouldn’t fight Covington next and that there really wasn’t anyone deserving of the shot.

Covington was quick to rebut Edwards, claiming the champion isn’t a UFC draw and has been acting privileged. All this is despite Edwards having won the belt from one of the UFC’s most decorated welterweights in history, Kamaru Usman, and then defending it against him in an immediate rematch.

“A champion would take on any and all comers, any challengers,” Covington said during an appearance on Submission Radio. “And the fact that he’s acting so privileged, like he just earned and deserved all this stuff, is just hilarious.

“He doesn’t draw or move the needle.  The guy’s a nobody. So it’s hilarious that he’s crying and screaming, but that’s how most people are when they’re gonna get sent to the electric chair and I’m going to turn that shit on and fry that little bitch up.”

Officials are targeting a fight between Edwards and Covington for UFC 291 in July in London, though the event has yet to be cemented. Edwards defended the belt against Usman in March in London and the UFC is keen to return with him holding the belt.

Colby Covington continues to deride Brazilian fans

Covington, however, believes he has British fans on his side, and didn’t let an opportunity to take an ethnically charged stab at Brazilian fans, whom he has long targeted.

“I love London so much.  The people of London are so amazing.  They embrace me like the true king and the champion that I am to them.  So I can’t wait to come back to London and put on a good show for the fans over there.  That’s what they deserve,” said Covington.

“I mean, they’re so passionate and die hard fans, and they’re obviously a lot smarter than the Brazilians.  The Brazilians are just straight filthy animals. Like, those guys, they’re just very low IQ’s.  You can tell the people of England have very strong IQ’s and are smart people, and they get it.  They understand the business, they understand who I am and what I’m doing.”

Covington’s history of deriding Brazilians dates back several years, at least to his 2017 bout opposite Brazilian fighter Demian Maia. Covington, an American, defeated Maia via decision, but didn’t make many friends during his time in Brazil, denigrating them in the lead-up to the fight and in his post-fight comments in the Octagon.

“Brazil, you’re a dump! All you filthy animals suck.”

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Colby Covington reacts to UFC 287, targets Leon Edwards in London

Listen in as Covington chats with Submission Radio, taking aim at Leon Edwards, Gilbert Burns, Jorge Masvidal, the Brazilian fans, and addresses the recent UFC-WWE merger.

(Courtesy of Submission Radio)