Cody Law: ‘There’s so many ways for me to finish’ Colton Hamm at Bellator 271

November 12, 2021

Looking back on his win over Theo Macuka at Bellator 262 this past July, on the surface there’s not much for featherweight Cody Law to complain about.

Though Law was able to pick up a TKO win over Macuka in less than two minutes, he always feels like he can do better and there’s things from the bout he can build off of.

“I was happy about it,” Law told “Obviously I got the finish. As time passes there are more and more things that I would like to do better, and will hopefully show some improvements in this next fight.

“I wanted to get the finish. It wasn’t my best night going to a decision (in my previous bout versus Nate Ghareeb). I’m always going to be patient in there and do the right thing, and am never going to be reckless in the name of a finish, but any chance I get I want to get the finish.”

When he looks at how his game has progressed and the fighter he is closing out his 2021 as opposed to the fighter he was when he started the year, Law believes he’s made a good amount of progression.

“I think that every week at American Top Team I’m better,” said Law. “I’m surrounded by so much; so many great coaches, so many great partners. I’m never really not training; whether I’m in Pennsylvania or here I’m always working.

“Where I was at one year ago to today, where I was making my pro debut, I was looking at old sparring footage compared to now, I’ve made so many improvements, and I’m excited to show it.”

This Friday in Hollywood, Florida, Law (4-0) will look to continue his career-starting winning streak when he faces Colton Hamm (4-3) in a 145-pound preliminary bout at Bellator 271.

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“I think I just have to be myself and that’ll be enough to get the win,” Law said. “There’s so many ways for me to finish this fight. I want to be that guy who is so well-rounded in MMA that I can finish the fight in so many ways. It’s just up to me to go out there and perform.”

While Law does have an idea of where he’d like to take things in 2022, for now he has his mind set on Friday night and what he has to do to get past Hamm first.

“I have an idea (about 2022),” said Law. “I always have a plan for the future. But right now I’m laser focused on this next fight. This I the job at hand and I’ll worry about 2022 when it comes around.”