Cody Bollinger’s TUF 18 Fighter Blog Week 4: Don’t Mess with Coach Hallman

September 27, 2013

Cody BollingerEpisode 4 started off with two assistant coaches clashing head to head, almost coming to blows!

Each team has a limit of coaches allowed and Dennis Hallman was one of our coaches on Team Tate. I can only assume that Team Rousey’s striking coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, did not know who Dennis was and he took this opportunity to start a fight. He approached Dennis saying things like, “Oh you think you’re tough?!” and instigating a fight with Coach Hallman. Needless to say, Dennis didn’t take kindly to that with his no (expletive) attitude and calmly says, “Yes, I do think I’m tough. Let’s fight right now in the cage,” while both teams are standing by closely listening to the drama that erupted out of nowhere.

Edmond did not take the offer to fight Dennis at the time and both coaches were separated. I like Edmond as a coach, but I think that would have been a bad turnout for him if he had actually fought Dennis Hallman. Mr. Hallman may be 37, but he’s 52-14 in professional MMA and anyone who can beat Matt Hughes, let alone twice, both in less than a minute, is not someone I would pick a fight with!

When it came to training with the girls and sparring, I actually loved it. The guys were great partners, but never really tried taking each others’ heads off and kept it professional the whole time. The women though, Sarah Moras and Raquel Pennington particularly, seemed to enjoy trying to take not only my head off whenever they got the chance, but some of the other guys’ too. So it was a great experience to be able to work technique with the males and also be kept on our toes by the females. I’ve trained with women before at Jackson’s MMA and it’s always been the same way. Every female there is a killer and if you treat them too nice they will hurt you. (Yes, you Holly Holm.)

The fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Jessica Rakoczy was very emotional to watch. Obviously with Jessica being a mother and having the hard past she has had, you can’t help but hope she wins the whole thing! At the same time though, you have Roxanne, who is literally the nicest person one could ever meet and you feel like she deserves to win more than anyone! There were lots of mixed feelings, but I was cheering for Roxanne the whole way and until she had gotten hurt it was her fight. Win or lose though, I think both women proved they are at the level of most other WMMA fighters signed to the UFC and I’d be surprised if Roxanne wasn’t fighting on The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale.

As expected, Roxanne was emotional like everyone else who lost for the next few days, but before you knew it she was in practice learning and training hard with her happy warrior spirit as always. Also, I don’t know if I was the only one on the show who was clueless about the situation, but I had zero idea that Jessica was injured and applaud her for overcoming that adversity against a great opponent.

Next week on Episode 5 of The Ultimate Fighter 18 we have Louis Fisette fighting David Grant! This fight is great just like the others you’ve seen so far and definitely one to make sure you see every second of it! A lot of people think Fissete didn’t deserve the second chance he got and I can see why, but things happen and good for him!

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