Cody Bollinger Carrying On Where Dad Left Off

December 13, 2011

Since suffering the second loss of his career in July of 2010, Cody Bollinger altered his outlook on MMA and has since reeled off three straight victories.

“I’m just kind of taking the sport more seriously and making it my full-time job instead of just fighting when I have the chance,” Bollinger said of his resurgence.

According to Bollinger, the loss helped crystalize his current situation, especially considering how close he feels he’s been towards taking the next step in his career to the biggest stages of MMA.

“I don’t want to sound full of myself, but I know I’ve been there for a while now,” he said. “I’ve just got to put time into this sport. That loss definitely made me realize that a little bit more.”

Bollinger’s readiness to move up was further evidenced by his most recent victory, a win over former Ultimate Fighter participant Cameron Dollar in September.

“I think it went well, though I always think I can do better; there’s always something I can improve on,” he said. “I’m happy with the win and it definitely set me up for some good opportunities and got my name out there more.”

As the son of former King of the Cage 145-pound champion, Frankie Bollinger, Cody understands the importance of keeping himself relevant to continue his family legacy.

“It’s really awesome to carry on the name on like that,” he said. “It’s cool being a father/son thing and standing out amongst the sport.”

While he’s still young and cementing his place in the featherweight division, Bollinger feels now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

“I’ve been making a breakthrough these last couple months, and I’m going to continue that and hopefully make those steps up,” he said. “I’ll just keep fighting and hopefully make the big show soon.

“I’ve got to make that cut; make it to the UFC. If not, I’ll re-evaluate things and go from there. It’s kind of do or die time right now. I’m ready to go in whenever they give me the chance. Whether it’s right now or four/five fights from now, I’m hoping it’s sometime next year.”

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