Coach says Nick Diaz will fight again ‘by the end of the year’

It looks like we might see Nick Diaz in the Octagon again after all.

According to Cesar Gracie, Diaz’s coach, he plans on coming back … and soon.

“Look for @nickdiaz209 to fight by the end of the year,” the Instagram post said.

Diaz returned to the Octagon in 2021 after a long hiatus and despite looking unsure ahead of the match, performed better than fans had expected.

At the time of the fight, UFC president Dana White sounds unsure if he wanted Diaz to return, but perhaps he has changed his tune.

“Regardless of how good he looked or what he did after such a huge layoff, I don’t think Nick should fight,” White told ESPN. “It’s not that I was in favor of it. He’s a grown man and can do whatever he wants to do. I just don’t think that Nick does it because he loves it. I think Nick does it because he has to do it. I don’t know, man. People always ask me, ‘What’s the key to success?’ It’s all about being happy and doing what you love.”