Coach: Nick Diaz had ruptured discs during Robbie Lawler fight

Many fans wondered why Nick Diaz agreed to a UFC fight after such a long layoff and now that wonder has gotten deeper as his coach revealed he was injured before his fight with Robbie Lawler.

According to Cesar Gracie, Diaz was dealing with a lot.

“So Nick, he went into that fight and his neck was pretty messed up,” Gracie told Submission Radio. “Robbie’s a great, tough fighter and everything. And, Nick was doing great. And then you kind of see Nick kind of just kind of fading as the fight wore on. So, Nick had an operation very recently here seven weeks ago. So, two of the discs had ruptured in his neck before the fight. So, he was having numbness of the hands. That’s why he didn’t make 170.”

His coach says this, pair with being unable to train played into the loss.

“He fought at 185, is cause it was impossible to train. He just didn’t have any strength. He didn’t have what you’re used to, the Nick Diaz, you know, he didn’t have it.”

Additionally, he revealed that Diaz had a massive debt he still needed to pay to the NSAC.

“What people don’t know is that the commission in Vegas was still demanding their money from, remember the marijuana test that we didn’t pass? Right,” Gracie said. “Yeah, Okay. So, this is a new thing for you guys, too. Even though it’s legal, they said ‘you still owe us that $75,000’. I think it was some insane amount.”