by Brandon Corley, MMAWeekly.com (Translation by Hannah Cha)
(Photo by sportsnavi)

Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan – Headlining CMA Festival 2, was the scrappy veteran of PRIDE, Pancrase, and numerous smaller shows, Ikuhisa Minowa. The hard-nosed Japanese fighter, along with his fellow country men, squared off against a list of opponents completely composed of Korean fighters. Minowa did not fail to impress as he went for a heel hook in round one that wrecked his opponent’s ankle. Min-Seok Hur’s corner was forced to throw in the towel after the opening round when the injury prevented their fighter from continuing.

The quickest finish of the night went to the still undefeated Dong-hyun Kim. Dong-hyun came out with something to prove to the Japanese fans and connected with one of his most dangerous weapons, a left straight, ending Yukiharu Maejima’s night seemingly before it even got started. At the post-fight press conference Dong-hyun made his intentions known when he proclaimed,” I will be the DEEP champion!” and challenged welterweight champion Hidehiko Hasegawa to a match at DEEP 31 set for Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on August 5th. Hasegawa jokingly stated, “I don’t accept.” No doubt, Dong-hyun had Hasegawa’s full attention after such a dominant win. Hasegawa gave credit where it was due when he remarked on the Korean star’s height and punching power.

Of course, the ladies had to have their chance to put on a show for the fans and they did, even though it was under kickboxing rules. “Cutie” Seo-hee Ham overpowered Megumi ” The Enchanted Wall” Yabushita for three rounds to avenge the loss of numerous Korean women fighters and go on to get the unanimous decision.

Main Event
Ikuhisa “Minowaman” Minowa (Freelance) def. Min-seok Hur (Dongjeon, Pusan

5:00 Rd. 1: Corner threw in towel due to ankle injury

Kousei Kubota (Sakaguchi Dojo) def. Doo-won Seo (Korean Top Team

Decision: Unanimous

Seo-hee Ham def. Megumi Yabushita

Decision: Unanimous

Takayo Hashi (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo) def. Hee-jin Lee (Kwanak Jiu-jitsu)

Decision: Unanimous

Kazue Matake (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo) def Yang-joo Lee (CMA)

4:04 Rd. 2: Submission (Arm bar)

Ken Hamamura (CMA Kyoto Seikeikan) def. Dong-hoh Han (Jung Shim Kwan)

3:37 Rd. 1: TKO (Pounding)

Dong-ee Yang (Korean Top Team) def. Jyunpei Hamada (Makoto Gym)
3:14 Rd. 1: TKO (Pounding)

Seung-hwan Bang def. Naoki Matsushita (MB3z)

Decision: Unanimous

Yoshiyume Chodo (CMA Ikusa Gym) def Yoon Hur (Dongjeon, Pusan)

Decision: Split

Takanori Onda (CMA) def Ji-hoon Kim (Korean Top Team)

3:22 Rd. 1: TKO (Pounding)

Dong-hyun Kim def. Yukiharu Maejima ( CMA Ikusa Gym )

:11 Rd. 1: KO (Left straight)

Hisashi Kudo / Yuhan Quoniam (CMA Korea) def. Hisashi Kudo

:30 Rd. 1: Submission (Heel hook)