CM Punk is Being a LeBron James Hater

November 7, 2016

Even an epic ass-whipping can’t humble CM Punk. Not when it comes to his Chicago sports teams.

Punk recently blasted LeBron James for allegedly jumping on the Cleveland Indians bandwagon.

“Let’s talk about LeBron James for a second, here,” Punk said as he was narrating the Cubs’ celebration. “He’s a guy who was criticized because maybe six months ago, he was at an Indians game and he was wearing a Yankees hat. Proudly. He takes it off his head and he shows everybody. I don’t know what he’s thinking … To wear a Yankees hat while going to an Indians game, to me, is kind of crazy. Now all of a sudden, LeBron James is all ‘Cleveland against the world.'”


Punk might want to shut his mouth. Yes, he’s a lifelong Cubs fan, but it’s also OK for James to root for the Indians in the World Series. That’s hat sports is all about. And, it’s also not like James isn’t a freakin’ hero in Cleveland.

Punk was one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the world, but he needs to chill out on his propensity to judge everybody who isn’t a straight-edged, tattoo-plastered, comic-book reading, fan of Rancid and Against Me! The last thing he wants is to lose another fight in the Octagon, or against James. We’re pretty certain James would kick Punk’s ass so bad, he’d have a hard time getting signed to fight again in the backyards of Florida against Dada 5000’s victims, much less the UFC.

Get back in the gym, Punk. You have a reputation to save.

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