CM Punk Civil Trial Kicks Off Just Days Ahead of Fight at UFC 225

CM Punk is less than two weeks away from his second appearance inside the UFC Octagon but his attention was drawn away on Tuesday as he sat in a Chicago courtroom rather than the gym getting ready for his upcoming fight against Mike Jackson.

A lawsuit was filed against Punk (real name Phil Brooks) after accusations he levied against a doctor from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after splitting with the company back in 2014.

Dr. Chris Amann filed a defamation suit against Punk and fellow pro wrestler Colt Cabana after comments were made on Cabana’s podcast in November 2014. During the course of the conversation. Punk alleged that Amann failed to recognize a growth on his neck that was eventually diagnosed as staph infection, which is potentially deadly.

Amann is suing for damages in excess of $1 million along with punitive damages. 

The lawsuit finally came to trial starting on Tuesday in Cook County, Illinois with Punk being present for the proceedings.

Chicago Tribute reporter Gregory Pratt revealed a few details about the trial after stepping into the courtroom on Tuesday.

According to Pratt, Punk was in attendance along with Cabana, although each retained separate legal representation. Punk was dressed in a full suit with part of the evidence presented on Tuesday including a playback of the podcast episode in question for the jury.

Testimony for the defamation suit is expected to continue on Wednesday and there’s no exact timeline when the trial will wrap up.

It’s all unfortunate timing for Punk, who actually trains in Milwaukee — about a 90 minute drive away — while he’s in final preparations for his showdown with Jackson on June 9.

The final days of training camp are typically spent going over strategy and fine tuning any last minute adjustments while some fighters are already beginning the early stages of weight cutting for the following week.

For Punk, he’ll be forced to endure the civil trial for at least a couple of more days this week and possibly even longer depending on how long the proceedings draw out.

Punk will then fight Jackson on the main card at UFC 225 next weekend in Chicago.