Cleveland Elevator Strikes Again, Traps UFC Cutman

September 10, 2016

teddy lucio cutman HOT SAUCE

Will someone please do something about the damn elevators in Cleveland?!

Earlier today, UFC officials announced C.B. Dollaway had to withdraw from his UFC 203 bout due to an injury suffered in an elevator accident at a Cleveland hotel. And now, just hours later, another elevator in a completely different hotel trapped UFC cutman Teddy Lucio. Seriously.

KINDA RELATED: C.B. Dollaway Pulled from UFC 203 Following Elevator Accident was on location at the city’s Raddisson Hotel to shoot footage of Teddy being saved from the clutches of the diabolical elevator by Cleveland fighters (no, Stipe Miocic was not one of them). To the footage!

For real, Cleveland, y’all win a couple of championships and just totally disregard your elevator maintenance? What’s up with that, you guys?

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