by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Pictured: Clay Guida (right) in his fight against Gilbert Melendez (left)

Clay Guida takes on Marcus Aurelio this Saturday night at UFC 74 in Las Vegas. Guida plans to push the pace and come away with his hand raised at the end of the night.

Discussing his preparation, Guida said, “Everything is better than normal. I feel great for this fight. Though I didn’t have as much time to prepare, I feel like I’m ready to go.”

Anyone who has watched a Clay Guida fight knows it’s never one of those fights where you take a bathroom break or go get yourself another beverage. They’re usually wars, exciting from start to finish, which is why it was a little odd to not see this match up on the main card of UFC 74.

Addressing the fact that there is no guarantee that this fight will be shown on the pay-per-view broadcast this weekend, Guida stated, “This fight has fireworks written all over it, and main card all over it, but I guess you’ve got two guys coming off consecutive losses, it’s hard to get on the main card. I guess it’s in our hands.”

Clay has been involved in a few very close decisions lately. Asked if he’s more motivated now than ever to finish his opponent, Clay commented, “I’ve always been one to go out there and look to submit everybody. Not that I’ve ever really arm barred anybody in a fight or anything like that, but I consider a submission a choke, too. That’s kind of my bread and butter, and lately I’ve had a hard time securing those.

“That’s a testament of tougher competition, but I’m always out there to finish a fight. I hate decisions. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s an exciting fight and it goes to a decision, you know, what the hell, but I hate going to decisions because that’s not my style. I try to get in there and get the fight done so I can get back and hang out in the locker room with my coaches and soak it up. You know?”

Marcus Aurelio last fought in November of 2006. When he steps into the octagon Saturday night, more than nine moths will have passed since his last fight.

Asked if he thought ring rust would be a factor for Aurelio, Guida answered, “Definitely. He’ll be knocking the rust off in the third round, if it even goes that far, I have a feeling, and I’m not just saying that. That’s not anything against him. That’s just fair. You know? It just takes people a while to get back into the groove of things.”

Aurelio is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt, but Guida is definitely comfortable on the ground. Questioned about the stylistic match up and if he’d be better served to keep it standing, Guida responded, “I think it’s going to go to the ground. It’s going to be up. It’s going to be all over man. That’s what people can expect in this fight. Just expect the unexpected because they’re going to get it.”

Guida continued, “He’s expecting to submit me. He’s expecting to take me down, and things like that, and I’m going to be looking for it. I’m going to look to push the pace on the feet a little bit, too.”

“I’m not much for predictions, but I know the fans are going to be standing and screaming for more. I can definitely guarantee that. I can predict that it’s probably going to be fight of the night,” said Guida.

If history tells us anything about the future, Clay is most likely right.