by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
At tonight’s Kick Down-WFC show in Loveland, Colorado, one of the biggest bouts on the card will feature current Kick Down Light-Heavyweight Champion Eric Clawson defending his title.

Clawson is currently seen as one of the Midwest’s top up-and-coming 205-pound prospects, and could very well be a name to look out for in the coming years at light-heavyweight.

“I’m originally from British Columbia. I moved down to the States to go to school. I was living out in Napa Valley for a little bit and went out to The Lion’s Den out there a couple of times with a buddy of mine to go train with them,” said Eric of how he got started in MMA.

Clawson continued, “Then when I moved to Colorado, I was looking for a place to train and ended up out here [Ft. Collins Fight Factory] for about two-and-a-half years now.”

When it comes to his fighting style, Eric uses his natural height advantage in much the same way that Alistair Overheem does in breaking down his opponents in the stand-up.

“My strength is definitely my stand-up right now,” Clawson said. “I’m 6’5″ and I have a pretty good reach. It’s definitely to my advantage. I like being on my feet, hitting people, and ground-and-pounding [when I go to the ground].”

At Kick Down-WFC, Eric will be facing a familiar opponent as he attempts to remain the undefeated Kick Down 205-pound Champion.

“This weekend, I’m actually re-matching the guy I took the Kick Down Light-Heavyweight Championship from, Spencer Hooker,” said Clawson. “I TKO’d him in 37 seconds the first time we fought.”

Clawson added, “I want to change it [my strategy] up a little bit, but not much. He’s like a high school wrestling coach, from what I know, so he’d like to take me down because I’m a lot taller than him and my stand-up game is a lot better than him right now. I’m basically going to try to keep it standing so I can get the KO.”

Should all go well against Hooker, Eric looks to continue his amateur career before moving up to professional.

“I’m going to be doing some more amateur fights,” explained Clawson. “I’d like to go pro, but right now I’m trying to finish college. I kind of also want to go to a big team before I go pro. I’m training right now up here with Reed O’Malley, Noah Thomas, and a couple other guys. We’re training pretty decent for what we have available to us, but after I graduate college, I’d like to move up to maybe Oregon or California where I can hook up with a bigger team.”

Eric added, “Right now, I’m trying to work with promoters and be on good terms with these guys. I’m trying to put on a lot of fast-paced, exciting shows and get a lot of wins and show them I can hold up my end of the deal. I want to kind of have a resume, and then when I find a big place to train at, I’ll transition into turning pro.”

In closing out the conversation, Clawson wanted to make sure to thank those who have helped him get to this point his career and also wanted to send a message to fans attending the show.

“I’ve got a bunch of fans and friends of mine in the Northern Colorado area I’d like to thank,” said Eric. “Also, thanks to my friend out in California, Terry Petit, who helped me out a lot when I was first starting out, and I owe a lot to him. Thanks to Steve Alley, who runs Kick Down. He’s been really good to me. I’d also like to thank Mike from FightShop.tv, and Any Time Fitness of Ft. Collins. That’s where we train at, and they’ve built us a pretty nice training facility.”

Clawson concluded, “I can guarantee it’s going to be a fast-paced, hard-hitting fight. My first fight was 34 seconds, my second was 37 seconds, and my last one unfortunately went into the second round, but I still knocked him out. So, I’m hoping to get this one over quick in under 30 seconds.”