Press Release
Press Release

The Annual Nationals event of the All India Kickboxing Council and the Striking Grapplers Association of India was held at Tigers Gym on 13th May 2006. Some of the top fighters of kickboxing , semi grappling , semi contact and MMA competed in 48 weight categories for boys , girls , women and men.

The event was also a starter to the MMA circuit “Clash of the Champions 4.The event received cross sanctions from IKF and ISCF Headquarters USA.President of IKF and ISCF Mr Steve Fossum was pleased to sanction this MMA / Kickboxing event as the first officially IKF sanctioned event in India and since the COTC shows have received worldwide recognition as being the pioneer MMA all year round circuit in India.

As a main attraction for the event a team of fighters from the Islamic Republic of Iran faced some of the Indian talent as part of the main event final bouts.Nagaland claimed the team trophy and the prize for the best kickboxer of the event was given to Nobin Basumatary of Nagaland.During the special attraction International bouts Shoaib Shabani of Iran lost to Hekato Zhimo of India[bantamweight kickboxing]and Shouresh Syadi of Iran defeated Yogesh Dhondge of India in the welterweight kickboxing category.

At the main event the following was the results :
In the ladies main event bout for the Ladies National Amateur kickboxing title Ranjita Pujari of Sangli knocked out Sunidhi Halan of Pune in Round 2 of the scheduled 3 round fight.The bout was hard hitting and ranjita dominated the entire 2 rounds.

For the National amateur title in the semi grappling division Vishal Balkawde of Devlali faced some stiff opposition against the 6 foot 2 inch Pune fighter Prabal Chaudhary but vishal won with a unanimous decision.Semi grappling is a unique kickboxing style which incorporates wrestling , judo and kickboxing and Vishal has led the bandwagon of wrestlers and judokas who are now brave enough to train and compete in kickboxing events successfully.In Amateur semi grappling punches are not allowed to the face but permitted in Pro semi grappling.

Balkrishna Shetty of Mumbai faced Sunil “Axeman” Khakhalary of Nagaland.
Sunil turned out strong in the early part of the first round as he knocked down bala with a stunning flying spinning heel kick.But bala showed some heart as he recovered from the standing eight count and came back with a flurry of punches to end the bout for Sunil.This bout was for the Asian Amateur kickboxing title since Sunil has previously competed for a world title and Balkrishna is a past WKL asian kickboxing amateur champion.

In the final MMA superfight of the evening “Superkick” Shafiqur rehman shaikh of mumbai started the bout with a high flying spinning heel kick and soonafter landed a right cross on the chin of Pravin Kale.Pravin dropped to the canvas and tried to defend himself against Shafiques punched by stretching his arms out , this was just shafiques plan as he grabbed his arm and went for his infamous arm bar.Pravin tapped out immediately giving shafique a 45 second victory.For those reading this from countries who do not know much about MMA : MMA is the latest hybrid sport which combines grappling , groundfighting and striking rules.Although in India very few fighters dare to compete in MMA – India has a set of enthusiastic and hardworking pro MMA fighters who compete regularly on the world MMA circuit and make our nation proud as well as make a decent living off of it.A total cash prize of Rs Ten Thousand was given at the event.All prizes and trophies were given by Deepak Balkawde and Advocate Gorakhnath Balkawde of the Balkawde International sports complex.

Sponsors for the event were Tigers Fight Promotions [CEO Daniel Isaac] , Jitu Jain Consultants [Mr Jitu Jain] and Balkawde Sports Complex.Ring for the event was provided by the Nasik district Kickboxing council.It is important to note that the nasik dist kickboxing council is the only district kickboxing organization in the state to own its own portable kickboxing ring.

The Mumbai kickboxing council has planned to organize “Clash of the Champions 5” in Carter road Bandra in August this year.Six main event bouts have been planned for the event out of which 3 bouts will be held with Kickboxing rules and the other three will be held with MMA rules.Top fighters from Iran will face the best fighters of Mumbai , Nagaland and delhi at this event,This will be the pioneer MMA & Kickboxing event which will be held for the first time in Mumbai and promoter Daniel will lead the organizing committee of the Mumbai event.Nasik continues to be the hub for International and national activities for kickboxing and MMA in India informs Daniel Isaac the chief organizer.


Daniel Isaac.
Promoter – Clash of the Champions [MMA India]
Chief Trainer – Tigers Gym [MMA]
Trainer – Balkawde Wrestling Academy
President – All India Kickboxing Council
President – IKF India
Director – Striking Grapplers Association of India