by Ivan Canello – MMAWeekly.com
I started to train in 1997 with coach Pica Pau at Rafael Cordeiro’s Chute Boxe GYM, it was on my way home from school and every time I passed there I used to see Jose Pele Landi, Wanderlei Silva, and Master Rafael, so that made me want to train there.

One year after I began to train I did my first professional Muay Thai fight, which I won by decision. It was a great lesson for me because I used to think in that time that only my talent was enough to win a fight. I won the first two rounds, but in the last I was completely tired, but in the end I won. Now I have nine professional Muay Thai fights and no losses.

My first MMA fight was in 2003 at Storm Samurai. I had recently gotten the Muay Thai black belt and I was training jiu-jitsu for only two months. I faced a BJJ black belt and I won by knockout in the third round in a very hard fight.

I think that in 2008 things are very professional. We have all kinds of training inside Chute Boxe, from Muay Thai to BJJ to wrestling, which I think is very important because I need the positive energy from my colleagues inside the gym.

About my opponent, Conor Huen, I know that he is a BJJ fighter and he has some MMA fights, but as every Chute Boxe fighter, I am going into this fight ready for everything. I want to please the audience with an exciting presentation and I want to start to build my name in America. I don’t want to sound rude and say that I will never lose, but I can say that I will always do my best to make a good show.

To me EliteXC is one of the best events in the U.S, even here in Brazil we can see that EliteXC is growing a lot and we also see that EliteXC has the concern about his athletes. And now with the CBS deal EliteXC will be the number one event soon. They believed in my work and now its time for me to pay back and make a huge presentation.