MMAWeekly TV, translation: Korey Howard
MMAWeekly TV caught up with the Chute Boxe team in with the Media after a training session in Tokyo while Shogun prepared for Mark Coleman. Shogun is going up in weight from Middleweight to Heavyweight to fight this time. But the funny thing is, Shogun actually weighed in heavier than his Heavyweight opponent at 227 pounds while Coleman weighed 224 pounds.

Q: You are fighting against a heavier opponent this time, so did you try to put on weight or anything of that sort to try and even out the weight disadvantage?

Shogun: I am happy that I don’t have to cut weight for this fight. I normally have to trim down just before a fight, so it makes it easier on me this time because I don’t. As far as training goes, we worked on my muay thai, jujitsu, and wrestling, just as we always do.

Q: Do you normally have trouble cutting weight?

Shogun: Cutting weight is a difficult thing for any fighter, I think, not just me. Being able to fight at your ideal weight is important, and I’m glad I’m able to do that this time.

Q: I heard before that you wanted to be at around 220 to 230 pounds for this fight. What is your weight at this point?

Shogun: Right now I’m at 227.

Q: Your opponent is very large, and he is the 2000 Grand Prix champion. Is there anything in particular about fighting him that worries you or that you feel like you need to be careful of?

Shogun: My opponent is a great fighter. Whether it’s stand-up or whether it’s on the ground – he’s good at everything, so I have to be careful of all aspects of his game.

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