Chuck Liddell Wants to Help Improve Judging; Makes His Jones vs. Evans Pick (Video)

Chuck Liddell at UFC 52It’s been nearly two years now since he’s seen the inside of the Octagon as a competitor, but retired former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell still gets hammered with the “do you miss it” question… even though the answer is obvious.

“Of course I miss it. I love competing. But it was time to retire,” answered Liddell when we couldn’t resist asking the question ourselves.

But moving on to the present, Liddell has been busy helping the UFC promote its brand and the sport of mixed martial arts, and basically doing whatever he can on a day-to-day basis to help the company continue its growth.

One thing that he’d like to do to help the sport is work with judges on improving how they score the fights. All of us have been baffled by a judge’s scoring at one point or another and The Iceman is no different.

“I honestly want to sit down and watch that round with a judge and go, okay, explain to me how he won this round.”

Liddell spoke to James Mills for in an exclusive interview, discussing all of this and more, including if he’d ever want to be a referee and gave his picks for the UFC 145 main event between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans. Check out the full interview below…