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What do you get when you pit the UFC’s Light-Heavyweight Champion in Chuck Liddell against the axe-slinging guitar player from the Glam-Heavy metal band, Poison’s C.C. Deville?

A hilarious time as C.C. Deville made a stop at The Pit and interviewed the champion, Chuck ‘the Iceman’ Liddell. Not only that, but he puts on the gloves and goes toe to toe with Liddell.

Go to MMAWeekly TV right now and see the video of this one of a kind meeting as Heavy Metal meets MMA. Part 1 has CC Deville interviewing Chuck Liddell talking about pro- wrestling and a rematch w/ Tito Ortiz. As Liddell says,”I’m trying to talk him into coming into the ring again….maybe retire him the right way.”

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