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The Iceman grants MMAWeekly TV one of his last video interviews before his fight Saturday Night with Randy Couture.

MMAWeekly’s very own Ryan Bennett catches up with the ‘Iceman’, Chuck Liddell, in The Pit as he gets ready for his fight against Randy ‘the Natural’ Couture this weekend in Las Vegas.

What has Chuck learned about the first two times that will help him this time around? He talks about what he will do the third time around against Couture on MMAWeekly TV.

If you missed Randy Coutures interview yesterday he goes into detail about his relationship with Team Quest, his thoughts on fighting Liddell a third time and talks about his role on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter TV show on MMAWeekly TV.

It was Couture’s first loss since leaving Oregon in his last fight against Liddell. Some believe his focus wasn’t there, Couture says that wasn’t the problem on MMAWeekly TV.

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