Chuck Liddell Declares He’s Definitely ‘Making a Comeback,’ Possibly with Oscar De La Hoya

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Though there have been lots of rumors over the years about a potential comeback by UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell, most of those rumors have centered on the UFC or Bellator as his platform of choice if it ever were to happen. Caught coming out of a meeting with Oscar De La Hoya on Thursday, Liddell kicked the comeback rumors into overdrive, but with an added twist.

“I’m making a comeback for sure,” the 48-year-old Liddell told TMZ Sports, as he stood beside De La Hoya. Though the two were somewhat elusive, they alluded to the idea that Liddell might be more than a business partner and could fight under the famed boxer-turned-promoter’s venture into mixed martial arts.

“We’re talking some business,” said De La Hoya. “It’s no secret that I love what MMA fighters do. I want to get into the MMA business. I want to start Golden Boy MMA. So, we’re talking some business. Chuck’s a legend, so it would be an honor to do something with him.”

Asked if he would be De La Hoya’s first MMA fighter, Liddell teased the idea, but would not answer definitively.

“I think I might. We’ll see how it works out,” Liddel said, before adding that a familiar foe might be his first target, if and when he does step back in the cage.

“Tito’s always my favorite. One, he’s easy. Two, I never get tired of hitting the guy.”

It’s certainly a fighting that caught De La Hoya’s interest, “Imagine, Tito and Chuck once again; that would be huge.”

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Do you think this is really going to happen? Will we see Chuck Liddell step into the cage again under the Golden Boy MMA banner?