Christian Larsen plans to ‘put a world of hurt’ on Jared Kilkenny at Unified MMA 38

September 24, 2019

Looking back on his 56-second TKO win over Tyler King at Unified MMA 37 this past May, heavyweight Chris Larsen is not only pleased with the victory for career, but for personal reasons as well.

For Larson, being able to silence King after a lot of smack talk prior to their bout was the perfect way to top off an already impressive win.

“That one felt good,” Larsen told “That was one of the more reputable guys that I’ve fought.

“He was kind of going off online in the weeks leading up to the fight, running his mouth on social media and on my personal page, so I had a bit of a grudge walking into that cage and was able to kind of alleviate some of that frustration.”

With a time-demanding job outside of MMA, Larsen isn’t able to fight as much as others can, but for him it’s not as big of a problem as it would be if he had fights scheduled that kept falling through.

“I had still been training pretty regularly but I hadn’t had the opportunity to step into the cage with my work schedule and everything,” said Larsen. “It all came together and I think I was able to build on my previous experience and bring some a little bit more complete into the cage (versus King).

“It wasn’t frustration; I knew that if I had the opportunity I could have taken a fight, but working out of town and working in the oil field here in Alberta, you’re gone all the time, so it doesn’t make sense to take a fight. I was able to book some time off from work and make it happen when I could make it back in, so it made it worth it.”

At Unified MMA 38 on September 27 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Larsen (4-1) will get an opportunity to get some revenge for an earlier loss to Jared Kilkenny (13-11) and pick up a title in the process in the evenings heavyweight championship main event.

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“This is a big opportunity for me,” Larsen said. “It’s kind of a no-lose (situation for me). It’s redemption time for me. It was my only loss earlier in my career, and now I have an opportunity to get it back and get the belt.

“I think I match up well with Jared. He’s a really tough, technical, fighter, but I don’t think he’s got my power and doesn’t got my hands. I think as long as I don’t let him do his range-y game I’m going to step in and put a world of hurt on him. That’s what I got to do to get a win.”

Though his work schedule can dictate a lot of when he fights, Larsen is looking to keep his MMA career moving forward in the coming year wherever he can.

“I’ve been picked up with First Round Management there in the States and we’ve looking at the next level,” said Larsen. “It’s not going to be right away, I’m still having a good time with United and fighting here at home, but we’re looking at Rise (FC) and ONE and stuff like that. There’s some possibilities here in the near future.”