by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
When it comes to the fighters involved in the IFL team battle this weekend between Matt Lindland’s Portland Wolfpack and Maurice Smith’s Seattle Tiger Sharks the most complete fighter among the 10 participants could very well be Chris Wilson of the ‘Pack.

Wilson, the current Sportfight Welterweight Champion, has long been known amongst fans of the Northwest fight circuit for combining precise striking and smooth ground skills into the complete package.

“It’s pretty exciting, I’m pretty excited about the whole thing honestly,” said Wilson of getting his chance to step into the bigtime. “I think the IFL has really hit the mark by taking care of the people that are still vital to this business. I think they’re doing the right thing. They’re taking care of the guys, they are offering good money, insurance and they are showcasing us on TV, so it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Not only is Chris excited for his own chance to shine with the promotion, he’s enthusiastic about the IFL’s team oriented structure.

“I like the team-based concept because of the team comradery,” explained Wilson. “We all get to fight together on every show. It’s kind of an individual type sport, but they make it worth your while to succeed as a team also. So there’s more incentive for you and your team to win.”

When asked what he feels of the Wolfpack’s chances in the team tournament, Chris wasn’t shy about predicting nothing but absolute success for Coach Lindland’s squad.

“We’re winning the finals,” exclaimed Wilson. “It can be [that simple] or we can complicate it by breaking down all the match-ups and all of that, but in the end after breaking down all of that it’s the same result, I think we win.”

Chris continued, “We’re doing the right things and taking the right steps. For anybody else to even have a chance they have to work as hard as we do, and a lot of people don’t. So it’s going to be between us and the guys who are willing to put in the work.”

In season two’s opener, Wilson is slated to face a fighter he’s very familiar with on the Northwest circuit, “Bad” Brad Blackburn of Maurice Smith’s Tiger Sharks.

“Well I’m pretty confident in my skills at this point in my career,” replied Chris when about his chances against Blackburn “Knowing Brad and having seen him fight more than once I can say that I’m pretty confident facing him. I feel I have a pretty good idea of where his skill set is and that I can overcome it.”

“Whey they [the fans] are going to see from me as a fighter in this fight is not only composure like they might not have seen in a while, but also a skill set that’s going to be very demanding of Brad. I don’t think he’s going to be ready…he won’t have an answer for all the different things that are coming at him,” continued Wilson.

The fight could very well be the show stealer as Chris pointed out when he said, “I think this fight would be a great fight to kick off the night because it will be a spectacular fight or it could be right up there with the main event. Of course Matt [Lindland] blows everything on the card out of the water, but as a closer [my fight with Brad] would be a good one too because it can be a really exciting fight.”

Even with his confidence, Wilson is one to not forget those whom have helped him get to the point to where now he can make a name for himself on an international stage.

“I’d like to thank [Mike Dolce and] StrengthCoachOnline.com, that’s my strength and conditioning sponsor…my wife and my family for being support…and all the fans that have been supportive and behind me here in Portland, “concluded Chris. “I’m coming to stay, I’m coming to take over, come watch the fights and don’t blink.”