Chris Weidman says phone call with Anderson Silva significantly helped his recovery: ‘I’m just so grateful for him’

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has made incredible strides in his recovery since he broke his leg in a gruesome injury suffered just two months ago in a bout against Uriah Hall at UFC 261 on April 24.

The no. 11 ranked middleweight contender even returned to the gym recently.

Unsurprisingly, Weidman has received frequent consultation from his doctors on how to navigate his recovery process.

Another person who he has received consultation from on his recovery is his former foe and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Coincidentally, Silva suffered the exact same injury against Weidman when Silva attempted to regain his title from Weidman at UFC 168 after he lost the belt to him at UFC 162.

Silva, who is coming off a split decision victory over former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cezar Chavez Jr. in a boxing match, offered helpful advice to ‘The All-American’.

Weidman says his phone call with Silva is what inspired him to get back into the gym.

“I spoke to Anderson Silva maybe two weeks ago on the phone. He called me and he wanted to give me some advice. It was really nice. Great phone call and it helped me a lot,” Weidman said to MMAFighting’s Damon Martin. “And he told me that he got back in the gym at four months, and I was blown away when he told me that. I go, ‘What? You were in the gym moving around on your leg and everything?’ I couldn’t even fathom that two weeks ago. Now here I am, less than two weeks later is when I went to the gym. And it really is credit to him for inspiring me and telling me that he was in the gym four months after and also  reminded me that you know it’s all mental. And that’s been in my head ever since.”

Anderson Silva defeats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by split decision

Weidman also noted that Silva advised him to start walking more frequently for mobility purposes.

“He also recommended ‘try not to use the crutches,’” Weidman said. “Because the mobility in your ankle is not going to come back if you’re just relying on the crutches all the time. It’s not going to heal as fast.”

Weidman said while they were foes in the past, he greatly appreciates Silva’s help and support.

“We’ve had our issues, obviously, me and Anderson Silva. I did want to talk to him. But I also was like, a little reluctant,” Weidman said. “Just because, we’re kind of like thorns in each other’s sides throughout our careers, a little bit. But here I am. Me and him are like two people, there’s not too many other people other than us two that have experienced this type of pain and the recovery process and how it’s gonna go. 

“So I really appreciate him reaching out and now I’m just so grateful for him, and everything that he’s been able to share with me.”

Despite the fact that the former UFC middleweight champions were adversaries in the past, it is quite heartwarming to see Silva do what he can to assist Weidman in his quest to get back to the octagon.